22/01/2013 – Wing construction

Construction has resumed on project auto launch. The wing pieces have been assembled to put on display at ACG Parnell to motivate the students and staff involved in the planes development. We are looking for more model planes at the moment to continue testing the auto pilot system. The process of testing the auto pilot tends to send a lot of planes to their death, though we have found the Lanyu TW 742-5 very robust, internally spacious(important for electronics) and very cost effective; read cheap. Our current test plane has survived no less than 5 full speed, gut wrenching collisions with the ground and some magnificent cartwheels. It’s been an honour serving with you TW 742-5 version 1, but your time on this planet has come to an end. We want to be absolutely sure our full scale prototype has the most reliable electronics package possible, so we need as many model planes as possible to test with before we finally launch PAL.

With more engineers becoming available this year, we expect to make great progress on our projects, so expect more regular updates on the website.

20130115_145617 20130115_145550